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  • We can provide a personal customized screen door for you if you can’t find a set sized screen door size on our website.
  • Please note their is no return and refund option when you decide to buy a customized magnetic screen door.
  • Customized products are generally delivered within 20 days.

How to place the customized magnetic screen door order?

  1. Measure the width and height of the door you are looking to utilize the screen door on.
  2. Please include in your measurements 2cm on the top & 2cm on each side โ€“ this is for the stitched velcro strip that attaches the screen to your door frame
  3. Use the ‘Request Your Custom Size Door Screen Quote Now’ form for a personal quote within 24 hours

Your Custom Magnetic Screen Door

PET FRIENDLY SCREEN MESH – Lets your pets freely go in/out/ and seals automatically every time. Enables your pets to push their way in and out of magnetic mesh screen whenever they want, and close up right after they go through it. Saves your effort and time to get up and down letting your pets in and out of your house.

MINUTES TO ASSEMBLE – Ready to mount and go. Comes with a step by step easy to follow installation manual. When not required during an off season can be easily removed and rolled up. Every customize screen mesh door comes with strong magnets that go all the way down the entire middle of the door ….from top to bottom, as well as a super adhesive strip with extra push pins to secure your new custom screen mesh door to the door frame.

ECONOMICAL CHOICE – Compared to the previous cheap screen door mesh with magnets, our premium custom screen door material has better durability and comes with high temperature molding along the seams.